About Co-Action Publishing

A Pioneer in Scholarly Open Access Publishing

Co-Action Publishing is an international Open Access scholarly publisher with a portfolio of peer-reviewed journals and books spanning a range of academic disciplines. Registered as a limited liability company in Sweden, Co-Action Publishing is wholly-owned by the three founding partners, Anne Bindslev, Lena Wistrand and Caroline Sutton.

Co-Action Publishing was founded in January 2007, making it one of the first Open Access scholarly publishing houses in the world.

We have a multi-national staff representing Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the United States, all of whom are fluent in English and possess extensive experience from international scholarly publishing. We pride ourselves on combining professionalism with personal dedication in everything we do.

Balancing Tradition with the Future of Academic Publishing

In the past, publishing houses were smaller in scale — and editorial, production, and promotional activities were closely integrated around each individual title, giving staff members a deeper understanding of each journal or book and of the portfolio as a whole. Without layers of bureaucracy, decisions could be made quickly and flexible solutions identified.

Co-Action Publishing aims to hold on to this tradition. While most emerging Open Access publishing houses are making strides to be the ‘biggest’ or are launching ‘mega journals’, we are not concerned about size. Our aim is to develop a portfolio that is large enough to provide some economies of scale and synergy among our publications, yet small enough to retain a close relationship with our authors, editors and the organisations we publish on behalf of.

In Touch with a Changing Landscape

Co-Action Publishing is well-connected with the developments taking place in scholarly communications today. Our principals are continuously engaged in key conversations about transitions in scholarly communications, and this informs our business as we grow and develop.

Co-Action Publishing was one of the founders of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), and co-founder Caroline Sutton served as a President of the association from its inception in 2008 until March 2013.