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Publishing with Purpose

More research is being published today than ever before, and in a vast array of disciplines. Much of this work will one day change the world around us, or what we understand of it. From improving care practices of infants in Uganda to the discovery of new methods to treat chronic infections threatening millions of diabetes sufferers worldwide – we delight in the fact that our journals publish works that, each in their own way, contribute to a stronger, healthier society.

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Trauma Researcher Eva Alisic
An Author Q&A

… our co-authors from middle income countries had serious trouble getting access to some of the articles that we wanted to include. That opened my eyes to how widespread the problem of access to scientific knowledge is.

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Proven Solutions

Our Scandinavian roots instill in us an approach to publishing that resonates with those who have partnered with us. We are straightforward, unpretentious and honest, as well as passionate about our work. Testimonials from the institutions and societies we are partnered with speak to this.

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We are happy to have found partners that share our views on equity in access to health information, on quality of production, and service mindedness.


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