“The guts of the issue”

DNlogoMicrobial Ecology in Health and Disease Editor-in-Chief Tore Midtvedt was recently interviewed for an article in the Norwegian daily newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv that explored the influence gut microbiota have on health.


From the article:

“…Imagine, there are ten meters of intestine inside of you, chock-full of small, living creatures that you try to abuse as best you can,” says Tore Midtvedt (80).

He has been studying intestinal bacteria for 60 years and is professor emeritus in medical microbial ecology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Along with Elisabeth Norin and four other researchers he has developed and patented the pink bacterial fluid.

Midtvedt is considered a pioneer in the field, contributing to a number of important findings, such as the following: The genes of bacteria “talk to” the genes in the host’s intestinal cells – which is one of the reasons why so many people are now so interested in the intestines: our bacteria have several hundred times more genes than we do, and they can influence our genes. Read the entire article at Dagens Næringsliv. (March 26, 2015)