Open Access Discussions in the Nordic Region

Spring is the season for OA conferences in the Nordic region, with several meetings and workshops scheduled.

The first in line is a two-day conference hosted by the National Library of Sweden and its Department for National Co-ordination and Development, BIBSAM, which co-ordinates the project. This short conference will take place at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm from April 12-13 and brings together delegates from the Swedish university and library communities, in addition to a few publishers. The first day’s sessions focus on policy and editorial issues, while the second day is dedicated to addressing technical issues such as interoperability, archiving and publication platforms. See here for more info about

Later in April, Nordbib, together with NOP (the Nordic Board for Periodicals) will be hosting a meeting and satellite workshop in Denmark for representatives from across the Nordic region and beyond, who will discuss advances in Open Access. Librarians, policy-makers, funding-agencies, and independent editorial teams and publishers will discuss and devise recommendations for a common action plan that captures such aspects as peer review of OA publications, economic models, the role of funding agencies, copyright issues, use and development of repositories, editorial responsibilities and more. This meeting  takes place on April 23-24. Read more about Nordbib here. In May, Norway is the stage for discussions about the future of scholarly publication, as the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions hosts a one-day conference, “Money forPublications”. The focus of this workshop is not Open Access per se, but a more general discussion of how research publications will be ranked and researchers and their institutions rewarded.  This more broad discussion has important consequences for Open Access publishing, and Open Access is addressed directly in one session. The current system rewards those researchers and their departments who publish in the most well-known and established journals, with high Impact Factors. This impedes the growth of Open Access journals which tend to be younger publications that have not had time to build a solid Impact Factor. However, the Norwegian government has officially endorsed Open Access publishing and archives. With money involved, the debates at this meeting are sure to be lively.

Co-Action Publishing will be attending the first of these two events and is in touch with the organizers of the last, and we will be reporting more on these discussions under the OA News from theNordic Horizonsection of our website.