The Danish Social Science Research Council looks ahead

A white paper on The Role of Social Science in 2015 was published on March 1st by the Danish Social Science Research Council. A summary (in Danish) can be found here.

The report describes the social science milieus in Denmark as being both comprehensive and productive. The academic output is constantly growing and increasingly internationalized. The authors envision five main areas where social science can be improved:

1. Relevant and precise knowledge – in time
2. High quality education
3. Prominent Danish social science research in an international context
4. Strong development of methodologies
5. Development of knowledge by international networking  

Under #5 the authors underline that access to social science research results produced in Denmark must be facilitated by supporting electronic publishing and creating science portals on the internet. The reason: this will stimulate the interest in a discussion of the research presented and thereby contribute to the development of new knowledge.