CNRS to provide Open Access to Nordic humanities research

Erland Kolding Nielsen, Director of the Royal Danish Library/Copenhagen University Library, has signed a 3-year agreement with the French research council, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) regarding the hosting of hprints, the scholarly electronic archive for Nordic research in the humanities.

hprints, which offers researchers in the Nordic countries the possibility to deposit the fulltext of their work and make it freely available in a scholarly, professionally defined e-archive, has been set up by a consortium consisting of The Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, Lund University Library, Oslo University Library, Museum Tusculanum Publishing, and Copenhagen University Library.

The French Open Access Hyper Archive onLine, where the content of hprints will be hosted, contains some 100,000 electronic articles, of which about 18% stem from the humanities. An uploaded document does not need to have been published or even to be intended for publication - it may be posted to HAL as long as its scientific content justifies it. However, should the article be published, contributors are invited to indicate the relevant bibliographic information and DOI.