OA policy for the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

According to a policy document signed February 11th, the chancellor of SLU encourages researchers to publish their work Open Access. From the SLU website (translated from Swedish):

”Open Access provides two alternative ways of publication. First, the researcher may publish his/her work in an Open Access journal. Second, the researcher may deposit a copy of an already published article in an open, or institutional, archive such as Epsilon [maintained by the SLU Library]. … Open Access publication has several advantages, both for the author and for those wanting to access research results. For the author, increased visibility and dissemination of his/her work is of great importance. …Another important aspect of Open Access is that contacts with relevant politicians, civil servants and experts at ministries and authorities are facilitated as research results are communicated directly. The authors can use and distribute his/her work without restrictions…”.