Swedish RC funds improved access to databases

The Swedish RC has announced the funding of 22 new databases in the Swedish research environment. A total of SEK 53 mil (ca $ 8.5 mil) will help build or improve databases in areas as varied as environmental ecology, linguistics, economics and health research.

DISC, the Database Infrastructure Committee of the Swedish Research Council, has a mandate not only to facilitate the creation of new databases and better coordination between already existing ones but also to optimize access to this national resource for Swedish as well as for international researchers.

“We continuously expand our aspirations and this year we have considered more research areas than previously,” says Magnus Stenbeck, chair of DISC. Co-Action has been informed that whenever consistent with Swedish law and the privacy of individuals the databases will be Open Access. The entire list of databases to have won financial support in this round can be found here. Contact: Magnus Stenbeck (magnus.stenbeck@ki.se)