News (?) from the Swedish Research Council

There is still no official policy on Open Access from the Swedish Research Council. However, on its News website (Nov. 22), the Council emphasizes that - alongside research funding and research policy – a major task is to support researchers who want to create a dialogue with the public by means of popular-science activities such as websites, festivals, films, TV programs, conferences, competitions, and popular-science books and magazines.

”The most important purpose of research communication is to promote democracy and growth. Other objectives include strengthening the position of basic research in society, promoting dialogue and communication within the research community, and ensuring that research results are disseminated to the areas of society where the findings can be used, for example within education and the business community.

The Swedish Research Council bears national responsibility for promoting and developing research communication. The strategy chosen to fulfill this task is to create and maintain strong research communication infrastructure in close collaboration with other stakeholders, and to promote national and international benchmarks.”

The Council’s Open Access policy is eagerly awaited!