Bridge to the Future – and between two people

The Swedish Research Council has issued its “Review of the year 2006-2007” (on July 10th) in which recent research and policy discussions are presented. The Report can be accessed in English here.

* A single page is dedicated to OA, “Research Gains from Open Access” (p. 38). The Swedish Research Council has signed both the Berlin Declaration and the Petition for Guaranteed Public Access addressed to the EC. However, the Council itself still does not have a policy. Back in April, as Co-Action then mentioned , Håkan Billig, who is responsible for drawing new guidelines on how research funded by the Council should be published, promised a policy statement late in the autumn. There is no mention of this in the present report.

* Read about the Public Communication for Science and Technology PCST-10 conference to be held in Malmö, Sweden, on 25-27 June 2008 (p 47).  The Swedish Research Council will host the conference jointly with Swedish and Danish partners. This will be the first time that the PCST world conference has been held in a Nordic country, and up to 700 delegates are expected to attend.

The bridge between Sweden and Denmark, which was built less than a decade ago, has catalyzed the collaboration between research and enterprise in the Öresund region. “The silhouette of the Öresund Bridge is the emblem of the conference, but also a metaphor for the overall theme of the conference: bridge-building for a sustainable future in which the encounter between research and society is a key feature. Arousing public interest in research is one theme; developing infrastructures for research communication is another. The latter relates, for example, to the issue of training researchers to communicate their own research better.”