Open Access in the Nordic Countries Final version

Commissioned by Nordbib to create a joint Nordic approach to Open Access and research distribution, Open Access in the Nordic Countries by Turid Hedlund and Ingegerd Rabow has now been published in English. The previous version has been supplemented by a Part 2 - Workshop views and recommendations based on the discussions at the meeting in Elsinore in April.

From the launch site:

“The publication points at future challenges such as the handling of copyright issues and finding of financing models that support open access. A general recommendation is that information directed to the research community regarding copyright is of vital importance. A proper forum where copyright issues in respect to negotiations with publishers could be discussed is meetings between the Nordic Research Councils, but even more preferable are decisions taken by the European Commission.

In addition to the above mentioned challenges the future of scientific publishing in the Nordic languages was seen as an important issue. Specifically the public funding of scientific journals publishing in the Nordic languages could be directed to support electronic publishing and Open Access - a subject for a Nordic plan of action. Journal publishing as an area for an action plan would also take into account the important role of the publisher as a collaborating partner.

In near future the publication will form the basis of the Nordbib programme management group's political recommendations and initiatives at both Nordic and national political levels with regard to Open Access and, thus, seek to guide both Nordic national authorities, funding councils as well as rights holders, publishers and the research political environment towards Open Access policies.

Publishers are important partners - we can not replace them - collaboration is the keyword! This good advice given by Jens Thorhauge, Director of the Danish Library Agency, in his welcome speech to the participants, ended up being the say from the milestone workshop.”