Linnaeus in the Information Age?

Today (May 23) the city of Uppsala is hosting an official celebration of Carl von Linné who was born 300 years ago. The Swedish royal family, the Emperor and Empress of Japan, and invited guests will participate in the festivities. The Linnaeus Tercentenary has two clear goals: to increase interest for science among children and young people; and to present a full-faceted image of Carl Linnaeus for the general public.

In an Open Access Commentary in Nature, H.C.J. Godfray ponders on the effect Internet would have had on Linnaeus – Linnaeus in the Information Age - and even suggests that Linnaeus would have favoured Open Access:

“His solution was appropriate to the days of paper publication and surface post, but what would his approach have been today? I believe he would have been a ‘techie’, exploiting the Internet and other modern means of sharing and coordinating data.”

See also Peter Suber’s blog of February 9, 2006.