Analysis of OA in the Nordic countries

“Open Access in the Nordic Countries – a State of the Art Report”, commissioned by the Nordbib programme, has been released in English. The report is written by Turid Hedlund, Professor at HANKEN, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki, Finland, and Inger Rabow, MCAI AB, Lund, Sweden.

From the launch website: “The report will focus on overall national policy issues and initiatives concerning the shift of paradigm in scholarly publishing especially where it influences on Open Access to scientific information for research and education but also where it influences on the rights of the researcher in publishing. Success stories and challenging issues on Open Access approaches will make the bases of the report and be used for discussions on the coming policymaking workshop in April 2007.

It is most important that neither the report nor the workshop should represent the view of the context of issues on behalf of the libraries' only but on the contrary will act as an informative basis for the cross boarder discussions in the means of promoting open access to scientific information.

The state-of-the-art report will be pre-published in connection with the workshop in April and supplemented with the recommendations from the workshop. The final edition will be published May 2007 including the recommendations from the workshop participants.”