I am a Researcher with a New Journal Idea

If you have an idea for a journal there are several courses of action you can take. You might want to “go it alone” and self-publish your journal. Alternatively, your institution might offer support in setting up and hosting a journal service such as Open Journals System (OJS), which would make self-publishing an easier option. Alternatively, you might like to be able to focus solely on editorial issues and leave the nuts and bolts to a publishing partner who can also provide guidance and support to you as an editor. We would be happy to speak with you about your options and to consider your proposal.

Please submit the following with your proposal:

  • A draft of proposed aims & scope
  • An overview of the potential community to be served by the journal (size and location)
  • An explanation of what the journal can contribute to the scholarly literature (the gap the journal fills)
  • A list of other researchers who support the proposal and/or a list of potential editorial board members
  • Thoughts or preferences (if any) regarding business models to support the journal
  • The name and CV of a proposed editor (if any)
  • Proposals can be sent to Editorial Director Caroline Sutton at Caroline.Sutton@co-action.net.

We strive to provide an initial response within 2-5 working days. When proposals are of interest we generally ask for a non-binding telephone meeting to further discuss the proposal and to provide an opportunity for both parties to pose questions.

Our decision to move forward on a project is based on an evaluation of the journal’s overall likelihood for success, including:

  • meeting an unfulfilled need for publication outlet
  • a shared vision with partners involved
  • ease of communication
  • chief editor’s network
  • the identification of a viable financial model to support the journal