Supplements & Monographs

Co-Action Publishing offers publishing services for supplements as well as for other types of monographs (e.g. festschrift, dissertations, conference or meeting proceedings, etc.).

Following our Open Access policy, your publication will be published in an Open Access online edition for the widest possible dissemination under the same license as the journal it is published in. A paper edition of your publication can also be produced at a low price, to be delivered to a specified location or event accordingly.

Supplements are accessible through the dedicated website for the journal they are published with, as well as through relevant indexes and databases.

For commercially-sponsored publications, both published and electronic advertising spaces are available. We cooperate with sponsors to meet their particular promotion requests.

Production time is approximately 5-7 weeks depending on the size of your project and upon whether copy-editing is required. All supplements are subject to approval by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal within which it will be published.

To discuss a possible supplement, please contact Senior Publisher Anne Bindslev,