Get Involved

Get Involved

Support Open Access

There are a variety of compelling reasons to support Open Access to research publications. If you would like to get involved, here are some ways to engage:

  • Share your story with us! Has your work been discovered by an unexpected individual or group by virtue of it being Open Access? Contact our Marketing & Communications Director Angela Walseng:
  • Follow the OpenAccessTrackingProject (OATP).
  • OA Button – Have you hit a paywall? Push the Open Access Button and find an archived version of the article.
  • Host or join an event or activity during Open Access Week.
  • Follow events hosted/sponsored by SPARC and SPARC Europe
  • Make your data Open Access when you can by depositing it with a specialized repository such as the Dataverse Network.
  • Make use of the CC License your work is published under – post, share, deposit and copy your work as widely as possible.
  • Bring your work to the attention of those outside the research community through blogging, social media, public lectures, etc.

Move Scholarly Communications Forward

Open Access is only one of the many ways in which scholarly communications is advancing to enable more rapid and richer discoveries.

  • Create an ORCID account.
  • Promote article level metrics and alternative metrics by including this information alongside other metrics.
  • Make your data Open Access.
  • Learn about and engage with Open Science

Publishing Ethics and Raising the Quality Bar

Scholarly publishing rests upon the integrity of the content published. Integrity can be strengthened through following recognized standards while simultaneously working to further raise the quality bar.