Who We Work With

We Choose Our Partners With Care

The third parties we cooperate with are essential to our work. As such, we strive to identify partners who share our values, commitment to scholarship, and our dedication to quality. Co-Action Publishing is proud to be partnered with the following companies and organizations:


Co-Action Publishing is proudCDA_logo sort_30mm to be partnered with Cappelen Damm Akademisk of Norway to develop a new platform for the Nordic region under the name Nordic Open Access Scholarly Platform (NOASP). The new platform launches in January 2015 with Arctic Review in Law & Politics. Several open access books are scheduled to follow as well as additional journals.


pkp_logo_vert3To our knowledge, Co-Action Publishing is home to the largest collection of content using Open Journals Systems, which was developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). PKP has also been an integral part of the overall Co-Action Publishing team, performing a technical support and development role for us. As Co-Action Publishing’s business and journals have grown, we have pushed the limits of the OJS software and the PKP team have risen to the challenge — customizing and adapting our installation to meet the needs of our clients, journals and authors. 2015 sees us launching a new customized installation with a very new look and feel. In the years to come, we will continue to develop the Co-Action Publishing OJS installation both to achieve better workflows on the back-end of the system as well as improvements in user and reader experience.


datapageProfessional typesetting and copy-editing services are essential in today’s publishing industry. Datapage has been central to our workflows since Co-Action Publishing was launched in 2007. Like Co-Action Publishing, Datapage has proven time and again that they are committed to continuously improving services and delivering quality to benefit our authors.


IETOn occasion, Co-Action Publishing has need to print items in addition to the books we have published. IET provides us with convenient and efficient warehousing and dispatch services.