Causes We Champion

Sometimes you can’t help but get involved…

At Co-Action Publishing we believe in Publishing with purpose. We also believe in living and working with purpose. Because of this, we find ourselves championing causes that touch upon our values and support the advancement of scholarship and tomorrow’s scholars.

Jopeva Children’s Home – Enabling the Internet and Other Support in Kenya

Our commitment to supporting research goes beyond our publishing activity. We recognize that the future of science and scholarly endeavor are dependent upon fostering curiosity and capability in young minds today. As such, Co-Action Publishing is a proud sponsor of Jopeva Children’s Home in Lodwar Kenya.

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Jopeva supports and provides help for orphans and the most vulnerable children of the local community in Lodwar, Kenya to ensure them a better future, safe home and caring family. An important part of this is to provide them with an education and an opportunity to escape poverty, both of which would be near impossible goals otherwise.

Co-Action Publishing’s Co-Founder Caroline Sutton joined the efforts of Tine Johnsgaard and Torbjörn Danbolt to provide not only financial support to allow Jopeva to achieve its goals, but also support to establish an Internet connection and better understand the informational resources available through the Internet. This has led to identifying information on drip irrigation, developing a garden and building a solid wall to keep animals out, on how to build homes from rice bags and sand, as well as how to sew re-usable sanitary napkins for young women.

Accelerating Science Awards Program

As the body of Open Access literature grows, we will increasingly see the concrete benefits that this access can deliver. The Accelerating Science Awards Program (ASAP) recognizes individuals who have applied scientific research – published through Open Access – to innovate in any field and benefit society. Co-Action Publishing is a proud ASAP sponsor.


Directory of Open Access Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) has had a long-standing presence within the Open Access community and has been a key player in setting standards. Co-Action Publishing is proud to be a DOAJ sponsor, and to be a part of supporting quality assurance as well as visibility for the global corpus of Open Access journals.