Co-Action Publishing is wholly owned by its three founders and principal partners, who have over 50 years of combined experience from international journals publishing.

Senior Publisher Anne Bindslev, MA, PhD


Anne received her PhD from Stockholm University, Sweden. She has held positions as Editorial Manager and Publisher within major Scandinavian and international publishing houses over the last 20 years. She has experience from senior management roles and has had responsibility for a portfolio of approx. 50 journals (mostly in biomedicine), including managing and developing pre-existent journals and acquiring/ launching new ones. Prior to publishing, Anne worked as a researcher and lecturer in English Literature at Stockholm University and also did research in Oxford.

Publisher & Marketing Director Caroline Sutton, MSSc, PhD


Caroline received her PhD from Uppsala University, Sweden. Prior to Co-Action Publishing Caroline held the position of Editorial Manager and later Publisher with a major international academic publisher. Caroline served as the first President of the Open Acces Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) from 2008-2013 and is a member of the present board. She is currently Director at Infrastructure Services for Open Access (IS4OA), which manages the Directory of Open Access Journal. Earlier she served on the board of SPARC Europe (2010-2013), the Lund University Library Board (2008-2010), the Advisory Board for Linköping University Press and the Advisory Board for OAPEN. She is a recognized advocate and expert on Open Access publishing, has acted as Rapporteur for the European Commission, took part in the Budapest Open Access Initiative talks in 2012, and regularly speaks and holds workshops on Open Access publishing.

Production & Operations Director Lena Wistrand


Lena has built up a strong career in the publishing business over the past 15 years. She has been responsible for the production and distribution of scholarly journals with major Scandinavian and international academic publishers. Prior to starting Co-Action Publishing, she worked as Production Manager at a Scandinavian branch office with responsibility for approx. 100 journals and a full role in the management group. Lena has also worked as an Administration Manager at the Stockholm office of an international pharmaceutical company.