“How Long Will You Live — And How Many Of Those Years Will Be Healthy?”


NPRPeter Byass of Global Health Action’s editorial team was interviewed by NPR’s Susan Brink for a news piece on life spans and poor health throughout the world.


From the article:

But regardless of socioeconomics, geography or total number of years lived, the study shows what appears to be a universal part of the human condition: people live an average of one-eighth of their lives in a disabled or unhealthy state.

“What’s interesting is that wherever you go around the world, about seven-eighths of life expectancy is healthy,” says Peter Byass, professor of global health at Umea University in Sweden. “I’m not sure we totally understand why.”

“We probably can’t do a lot about decreasing this part of life that’s not healthy,” he adds. “That pretty much appears to be a part of being human.”

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