“Possible link found between Alzheimer’s disease and oral infections”


YahooNewsJournal of Oral Microbiology Editor-in-Chief Ingar Olsen’s article examining the link between oral infection and Alzheimer’s disease attracted the attention of Peg Fong, writer for Yahoo News’ Geequinox.

From her article:

…The mouth is one of the most bacteria-ridden places in our bodies, for obvious reasons. Lots of foreign stuff goes in, mixing with other foreign stuff.

The oral cavity harbours a complex microflora in which bacteria predominate, according to Olsen. Only half of them have so far been cultivated.

“We have found that many of the uncultivable organisms play important roles in oral diseases. It is also important that we know which organisms in the mouth are compatible with health.”

It’s been known that bacteria in the mouth, particularly in people with gum disease, can find its way into the host bloodstream. Dr. Olsen said if these bacteria can pass the blood brain barrier – any number of them could be implicated in the Alzheimer’s enigma. …

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