Special Issue: The Economic Value of Vaccination

On 12 August 2015, Journal of Market Access and Health Policy published a special issue titled The Economic Value of Vaccination: Why Prevention is Wealth. The series of articles was developed using independent research by 11 public health and economic experts in collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur MD. Among the key findings:

  • Vaccination plays a major role in the sustainability of healthcare systems, particularly in the context of increasing pressure on healthcare budgets.


  • Beyond its impact on healthcare resources, vaccination also contributes to productivity and economic growth.


  • Elderly vaccination programs contribute to a more active and healthier aging population in a context of unprecedented demographic challenge in Europe.




The Economic Value of Vaccination: Why Prevention is Wealth

Journal of Market Access and Health Policy Volume 3 Special Issue
12 August 2015

By Mondher Toumi and Walter Ricciardi

The economic value of vaccination: why prevention is wealth
By Vanessa Rémy, Nathalie LargeronSibilia Quilici, and Stuart Carroll

Vaccination: the cornerstone of an efficient healthcare system
By Vanessa Rémy, York Zöllner, and Ulricke Heckmann

Role of vaccination in the sustainability of healthcare systems
By Nathalie Largeron, Pierre LévyJürgen Wasem, and Xavier Bresse

Role of vaccination in economic growth
By Sibilia Quilici, Richard Smith, and Carlo Signorelli

The societal role of lifelong vaccination
By Maarten J. Postma, Stuart Carroll, and Alexandra Brandão

The intangible benefits of vaccination – what is the true economic value of vaccination?
Paolo Bonanni, Juan José Picazo, and Vanessa Rémy

Vaccination: short- to long-term benefits from investment
By Stuart Carroll, Amós José García RojasAnna H. Glenngård, and Carmen Marin

From population to public institutions: what needs to be changed to benefit from the full value of vaccination
by Thomas Szucs, Sibilia Quilici, and Marina Panfilo

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