QHW Thematic Cluster: Health, Physical Activity, and Lifestyle

Published 14 August 2015 in Volume 10 (2015) of International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being

Editorial to the QHW Thematic Cluster “Health, Physical Activity and Lifestyle”
By Urban Johnson and Natalia Stambulova

Orthorexia nervosa: An integrative literature review of a lifestyle syndrome
By Linn Håman, Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Göran Patriksson, and Eva-Carin Lindgren

Parent participation plays an important part in promoting physical activity
By Anna-Karin Lindqvist,Catrine Kostenius, Gunvor Gard, and Stina Rutberg

Individual experiences following a 6-month exercise intervention: A qualitative study
By Ellen Staveborg Kerkelä, Linus Jonsson, Magnus Lindwall, and Jennifer Strand

Future challenges for intervention research in health and lifestyle research – A systematic meta-literature review
By Lars Kristén, Andreas Ivarsson, James Parker, and Kristina Ziegert

Understanding physical activity participation in spinal cord injured populations: Three narrative types for consideration
By Anthony Papathomas, Toni L. Williams, and Brett Smith

‘‘I tried so many diets, now I want to do it differently’’* A single case study on coaching for weight loss
By Reinhard Stelter