EJPT_Refugee Articles


With Europe facing what some are calling its greatest refugee crisis since World War II, EJPT has curated here a selection of highly relevant articles published by the journal and spanning topics pertinent to clinicians, policy makers, and not least, researchers.


“Right now there is a need for evidence informed guidance on how we best face potentially traumatized refugees,” said EJPT Editor-in-Chief Miranda Olff.  “This is why am so proud of our journal, making very valuable, applicable research available to all those who are working with them.”

The articles are categorized as follows: Human Rights and Reparations, Therapeutic Interventions, Children, and The Legal and Social World of Refugees.


Fresh eyes on the European refugee crisis
Eva Alisic and Rianne M. Letschert

Gross human rights violations and reparation under international law: approaching rehabilitation as a form of reparation
Nora Sveaass

Construction of a questionnaire for readiness to reconcile in victims of human rights violations
Nadine Stammel, Frank Neuner, Maria Böttche and Christine Knaevelsrud

When the world collapses: changed worldview and social reconstruction in a traumatized community
Dinka Corkalo Biruski, Dean Ajdukovic and Ajana Löw Stanic



A group-based approach to stabilisation and symptom management in a phased treatment model for refugees and asylum seekers
Mary E. A. Robertson, Jocelyn M. Blumberg, Jacqui L. Gratton, Eileen G. Walsh and Hamodi Kayal

EMDR for Syrian refugees with posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms: results of a pilot randomized controlled trial
Ceren Acarturk, Emre Konuk, Mustafa Cetinkaya, Ibrahim Senay, Marit Sijbrandij, Pim Cuijpers and Tamer Aker

EMDR versus stabilisation in traumatised asylum seekers and refugees: results of a pilot study
F. Jackie June ter Heide, Trudy M. Mooren, Wim Kleijn, Ad de Jongh, Rolf J. Kleber



Children and war: the work of the Children and War Foundation
William Yule, Atle Dyregrov, Magne Raundalen and Patrick Smith

Bouncing forward of young refugees: a perspective on resilience research directions
Marieke Sleijpen, F. Jackie June ter Heide, Trudy Mooren, Hennie R. Boeije and Rolf J. Kleber



Untested assumptions: psychological research and credibility assessment in legal decision-making
Jane Herlihy and Stuart Turner

Impact of asylum interviews on the mental health of traumatized asylum seekers
Katrin Schock, Rita Rosner and Christine Knaevelsrud

Non-clinicians’ judgments about asylum seekers’ mental health: how do legal representatives of asylum seekers decide when to request medico-legal reports?
Lucy Wilson-Shaw, Nancy Pistrang and Jane Herlihy

Refugees’ views of the effectiveness of support provided by their host countries
Vito Zepinic, Maria Bogic and Stefan Priebe