Polar Bears Eating Dolphins Piques Global Interest

polarbear_mediaWhen Jon Aars, senior research scientist at the Norwegian Polar Institute, and his team observed a polar bear preying on a white-beaked dolphin in April 2014, they knew it was a first. What they couldn’t have predicted was the global interest in such an occurrence. In the article White-beaked dolphins trapped in the ice and eaten by polar bears, published in the journal Polar Research, he describes the sighting.

Here is a sampling of the coverage we’ve seen:

CNN Amanpour: Polar bears are freezing dolphins in ice to eat later
New Scientist: “Polar bear caught eating dolphins and freezing the leftovers
Smithsonian SmartNews: “Polar Bears are Eating Dolphins, Probably Thanks to Climate Change
The Telegraph: “Polar bears ‘have started eating dolphins due to climate change’
The Guardian: “Polar bears eat dolphins as Arctic warms
The Washington Post: “Thanks, global warming, now polar bears are devouring dolphins
Zee News, India: “Global warming causes polar bears to eat dolphins
iAfrica, South Africa: “Polar bears eating trapped dolphins

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