Food & Nutrition Research Appoints Asim Duttaroy Editor-in-Chief

Professor Asim DuttaroyNovember 5, 2014 — The international peer reviewed journal Food & Nutrition Research (FNR) has appointed its next editor-in-chief: Professor Asim Duttaroy, a globally recognized expert in the field of nutrition studies. Duttaroy, who has served on the editorial board of FNR for the past 10 years, has long contributed to the growth of what was once a purely Scandinavian journal into an international title.

“The publishing landscape for nutrition related journals is changing,” said Duttaroy. “Many new publications have launched; as we move forward, we will not only continue to focus on publishing the best and strongest — reproducible — research, but also the research that addresses the most pertinent, contemporary nutrition-related issues.”

Among some of the latest discoveries in the nutritional research field that Duttaroy finds particularly compelling: studies that have looked at the effects of carbonated drinks in children and shown an effect on obesity and cognition; and on the opposite end of the age spectrum, malnutrition in the elderly due to lack of nutrient absorption.

“There are so many fascinating discoveries being made as we move from a molecular nutrition- to whole body nutrition focus,” says Duttaroy. “As editor-in-chief, I am most excited by the role I will play in helping bring this vital nutrition research into a global arena.”

Duttaroy brings to the lead editorial role a perspective informed by a nutrition research background that is both broad and deep.

Currently, he leads a team of researchers at the Department of Nutrition at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, which is part of the University of Oslo’s Faculty of Medicine. He is himself a prolific researcher having published in excess of 150 scholarly works, and contributed to multiple books while authoring two of his own. While his own research interests are wide-ranging; his team at the Institute currently focuses its investigations on the effects of dietary lipids on human growth and development – and the cardio-protective factors in fruit.

“Our work has examined in part the placental preferential supply of maternal LCPUFA  [Docosahexaenoic acid, 22:6n-3 and Arachidonic acid, 20:4n-6] to the fetus, which is critical for the development of the brain and retina,” he adds.

Duttaroy’s research into the effects of various food extracts on human health include studies into the anti-platelet factors in fruits and vegetables. He holds numerous patents, including one for a supplement derived from tomatoes; this patent became the first approved by the European Food Safety Authority regulation for its use to inhibit platelet aggregation.

Duttaroy’s tenure as editor-in-chief of FNR begins this month.

Food & Nutrition Research is a fully open access journal, and is published by Scandinavian-based Co-Action Publishing.

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